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Position: Office Assistant - Office Staff
Location: Houston, TX
This full-time position requires a team player who understands the importance of efficient and successful multi-tasking. Advanced computer skills are a must, as we regularly use Excel, Word and Service CEO to process, store, and create usable information. Applicant MUST be an advanced user of Microsoft Office.
A good portion of this job will be spent in support of the service side of our company. We need someone who is friendly and professional on the phone and has no hesitation when it comes to serving our customers with the best customer service. The service department will need daily, accurate data entry for orders, service calls, reports, and contracts.
Since so much responsibility sits with this position, a high degree of organization is a must. 
While there will be regular, daily responsibilities, there may also be frequent changes in service calls that will require adjusting schedules. This will call for an inquisitive and detail-oriented characteristic. 
There are high-expectations of a great work ethic: on time every day, honest, professional, able to communicate 
clearly and precisely. 
There are high-expectations of a great work product: intelligent, fast learner, well-spoken in English, good spelling and grammar skills, asks questions, takes notes, minimal errors, good ideas, understands the sense of urgency, moves at a fast pace.
We love our current work-place family. Everyone works great together, and we would love to welcome you into that family.

Competitive pay
Medical and dental insurance
Life insurance
Simple IRA with company match
Vacation and sick leave
Paid holidays