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Position: Field Service Technician
Location: Houston, TX
Job Description:
This position performs all of the service, repair and preventative maintenance for our customers’ capitol hospital equipment: surgical tables, lights, sterilizers, washer, etc. Our full territory extends within a 100 mile radius of the Houston area. 
Our technicians are each assigned a company-owned van, completely decked out with tools, etc. They are provided with an Ipad, Iphone, and complete uniform. 
We do in-depth training in our facility, and then we pay to send our technicians out for higher-level, manufacturer-specific training and certification upon display that they are capable.
Here are some skills we are looking for:
  • VERY computer savvy
  • Fast learner
  • Is mechanically inclined
  • Knows how to properly handle and use:
  • Wrench, hammer, screw driver, pliers
  • May have experience in plumbing, auto and aviation repair, construction, HVAC, etc.
  • Affable: Great customer relations (good in the field with nurses)

Here are some characteristics that we will be looking for:

  • Dependable, Trustworthy and honest
  • Has SERIOUS hustle: Understands and moves with urgency
  • Flexible, can redirect on short notice
  • Understands the importance of following orders from the upper ranks
  • Excited to learn new things
  • Pays attention to details
  • Good team player
  • Drug free (we test)
  • Understands great hygiene (showers daily, dresses professionally)
  • Has a positive attitude

Here are the other benefits:

  • Competitive pay
  • Health, Dental and Life Insurance benefits 
  • Simple IRA
  • Company vehicle, technology and complete uniform
  • Vacation and sick leave
  • Paid holidays                         
  • Regular reviews and opportunity for personal and professional growth
  • Family-like, but highly professional environment

Please attach:
*A cover letter introducing yourself and telling us how you think you’d fit in here (TIP: humor and personality is highly valued here.)
*A resume highlighting your work experience that applies to this job description (meaning: please make sure that those points in your resume that you feel are directly applicable are ACTUALLY highlighted).  Resume should also clearly indicate all past education, job experience and the duration of each.
*2 professional references and 1-2 personal references: all contact info

Date Posted: 01/01/14